Engagement and retention study series: Introduction


Puzzle & Dragons – One of the most addictive game on the mobile market

Steam and GoG sales and discounts, Humble Bundles, Playstation Plus, free-to-play games and so on… These are great opportunity to grow my collection of games. But weirdly as I have more and more games, I have less and less time to play them.
This issue, which I think is shared by many players, has made player engagement and retention decisive in a game success. Even paid games need it to ensure the success of its DLCs or sequels.
So I decided to play and test them during 30m to 1h, and try to deconstruct the engagement and retention mechanics in each one of them. My own tastes will obviously influence my judgment, but I’ll look to find what specifically makes me want to return to them or not.
I will write about them on this blog, which will act as a memo for me, and maybe you might find it interesting and informative.
See you on the next post.

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