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Welcome to Game As Art, a blog where we talk about (video- and board-) games, among other art forms, from an artistic point-of-view.

The goal is to show how game design is an actual art form, which, like any other artistic technic, is made to generate emotions to the player.

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About its Author

I am Frédéric Fourcade. I am a Game Designer by passion since always (or close to it). I am also a professional engineer/programmer, as well as producer/project manager for a few years, in various video game companies.

I am passionate about games since I am little and have always wanted to create them. I grew up with a preference for video games, as they were more convenient for solo play, then I (re)discovered boardgames at the start of the 2000’s. After a few variously successful projects in video games, I got more and more interested in boardgames for their purity (regarding game design) and the easiness to develop concepts and prototypes. It’s now 4 years since I started working on various boardgame projects, some are now advanced prototypes, some are advanced concepts, and many are just simple (but clever!) ideas. 2019 should be the year when I start looking toward publishing my games, to launch, I hope, a long and rich carrer about game creation.


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