Re-post: GDC – Hearthstone: 10 bits of wisdom

hearthstone-game-sshot-2Hearthstone is a wonderfully crafted and designed game. It is simple, it is deep, it is fun whatever your game experience. I’m not promoting it, I’m not playing it that much, but when it comes to talking about the art of creating compelling fun experiences (which this blog is all about), it is a must play/study.

I have already talked about it, when sharing this other GDC conference video, about crafting the Hearthstone UI.

Here we have a conference, lead by the game director, Eric Dodds. It is very interesting, because Hearthstone being a card game, its game mechanics are pretty straight-forward. You can even find most of the game mechanics written on the cards themselves. I shall write (someday) about why tabletop games (board and card games) are so great to study game design, which is not the case of most of the video games.

Well, enjoy the video while it is available:

In this GDC 2014 talk, as Blizzard’s Eric Dodds explains: “The Hearthstone team started with a love of collectible card games and embraced the idea of making them a game type that is fun for everyone. Along the way, we found ten design ideas that worked really well for us, and hopefully some of them will be useful for you too.

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