Re-post: GDC – Fallout Postmortem video

primtribe1Among the classic RPG created during the short history of video games, Fallout is one of the most popular. The post-apocalyptic setting (directly inspired by older famous RPG Wasteland), its excellent writing, the freedom given to the player to resolve the various situations in-game (often, you can have 5 different ways of resolving a quest:  fighting, bribing, discussing, accomplishing a side-quest, infiltration), the turn-based combat-system with its localised damage, all the side activities the player could do instead of pursuing its main goal, are all very good reasons to make this game an instant classic. And its sequel is even better.

So, following all these praises, why not watch the producer/Lead Programmer/Designer on the game, Tim Cain, talks about the creation of this video game masterpiece. As usual, it come from the GDCVault, which I urge anyone interesting in video game to visit.

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