bienvenueWelcome dear guest,

if you reached this blog, you are probably looking for some stuff about video games, art or both. My humble mission (as I have self-assigned it to me) is to share my vision that creating games is truly an artistic process.

I am a video game developer myself, and a very passionate player. I also love almost every other art form, especially the ones I have practiced and/or studied, like Music, Cinema, Literature and painting (digital or traditional).

I am not here to discuss if video game creation is art or not, or even try to demonstrate it. My idea is to write articles about some video games, by watching them with an artistic eye (as any critic would do while analyzing famous painting, great movie or a music master-piece.

I truly hope you will enjoy this blog. I am a newbie at blogging, and I do not believe that my points are Truth, but rather the start of a nice and interesting discussion about art of making video games, so please leave any comments you feel would be interesting.

Thanks, and let’s go

PS: You should start by reading the first three posts in the “General art” category (definition of art, different forms of art and games and art), as they show what is my way of considering art, and most specifically games.

PPS: I should add that I am French, therefore my english might be disturbing. I apologize for that.

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  1. Sipty

    Holy shit I’m excited. Feed more more of your words, my French overlord! <3

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